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Liquidation Services

FF&E Liquidation & Disposal Services

If you’re a hotelier or commercial property manager with furnishings that are just in the way, we can take everything off of your hands at a moment’s notice. Unlike our competitors, we employ a full-time staff that is fully insured, and trained for speed and efficiency. We work around the clock and will travel anywhere. Plus, with our track record working with some of the largest and most famous hotels in South Florida, no job is too big for us to take on. No job is too difficult either. We’ve traveled to areas of natural disaster just to lend a helping hand. That’s the kind of company we are.

A reputation built on integrity

We hear the stories all the time. Hotel managers get less than what they paid for because they chose to work with ‘The Other Guys’ who are not prompt, not professional and not honest. We understand your business and place great value on the long-term relationship. Our company mission statement is all about accountability because we are dedicated to proving the best level of service imaginable. How else could a business be around for 18 years and have a 5-Star reputation?

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