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How to Make a Room Pop with Color without Overdoing It

Painting a room with too many bright colors can be overwhelming and not everyone loves having only white walls.

In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips to help you when you paint your next room.

• If you want to make a small room seem bigger, then keeping darker and bolder colors below eye level helps, while at the same time putting light colors above eye level.
• To make your ceiling seem taller you should paint your walls lighter than your ceiling.
• Stripes can help a room feel bigger by creating the illusion of height or length

• Be sure to tie patterns with a common color to make your room flow even better.
• Having one wall be the accent wall, like a brighter color with more neutral colors elsewhere, is a good way to have an aesthetically pleasing room.

These are some ideas to throw around while you think about how you want to decorate and paint your room.

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